Our Company gives on site mobile medical services to our client base in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northwest, Limpopo and Free State Our name originates from the word MOBILE MEDICAL CARE and we are very proud of our name MobiCare has an Occupational Clinic in Brakpan close to Carnival City Our logo is not for a good reason our customers are our first priority Our g rowth in the past 5 years has been mostly based on customer referrals.


We aim to reduce the use of paper to a minimum and use technology where we can. An example of this is that our medical reports and certificates are given to you on DVD and not in paper form.

We have developed our own software solution that can be accessed by our customers directly via our website Customers can view certain information about related employees and also reprint certificates of fitness We are unique in that our fitness certificates in that they are fraud proof By downloading any QR scanner and scanning the QR code on the certificate, the employee information can be verified including the expiry date of the certificate.

Our mobile units are modern vehicles fitted with the cutting edge technology improving productivity and accuracy.

We are load shedding proof as our vehicles are fitted with generators.

Our medical certificates issued shows the photograph of the employee and can also reflect the fingerprint if required.

We have the technology to issue your employees with plastic medical ID cards printed to your requirements in the form of a bank card.

Our staff is well versed with legal requirements we don’t only talk we refer you to clauses in the legislation and regulations.

We have a great team giving excellent service to our customers.


MobiCare aims to be different from the norm and strives to serve our customers and employees by rendering an unequaled service by using cutting edge technology.


Medical Health services depend on the specific requirements of the companies that we serve This differs from industry to industry and there is a multitude of legislation, regulations and national standards that must be considered. Our objective is to help businesses to manage their legal requirements in terms of the relevant laws with the final objective being the creation of a safe working environment.


MobiCare is very aware of the requirement relating to the confidentiality of employee information As part of our  rocess, we require employees to sign a waver as authorize the disclosure of the employee’s information to the company Our system will also encode the personal information of the employee protecting the employee information if unauthorized access is obtained.


Occupational Health Practitioner

The mobile medical units are monitored and controlled by an occupational health nursing practitioner working under supervision of the occupational medical practitioner Where the legislation requires an occupational medical practitioner (to sign the certificate, the information will be send to the occupational medical practitioner to review and sign the certificates Where a medical condition is identified, a referral will be included in the report to the company subject to the employee authorizing such release


The tests performed on audio, vision and spirometry will be done by a qualified technician with certificates of competency and registered with SASOHN.


In the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 medical surveillance is defined as:

A planned programme or periodic medical examination, which may include clinical examinations, biological monitoring or medical tests of employees by an occupational health practitioner.

Only an occupational health practitioner who is a Doctor or Nurse with qualifications in occupational medicine can do a medical surveillance programme.

It’s purpose is to watch out for early signs of work related illnesses in employees who are exposed to occupational hazards.

It is not meant to be preventative, and it is not a replacement for a normal medical check up.


To establish at what point a worker needs to be removed from a certain work environment and at what point a worker can return to that environment:

To show if the companies prevention and control measures are working effectively.

To establish workers health status when they start to work in an environment where they are exposed to particular hazards.

To promote that hazards needs to be controlled more effectively.

Medical surveillance should not be used as a tool to discover hazards That should happen through hazard identification and risk assessments Medical surveillance should be to ensure that control and prevention measures are working properly Medical surveillance should be seen to evaluate the success of the prevention measures implemented and be the basis to consider the implementation of additional measures as required.